Friday, 9 September 2011

Kanchipuram Idli

Kanchipuram Idli- snacks

South indian cuisine is one of my favourite and I think that is the simplest food to digest.
I love to try different south indian restaurants in Ahmedabad and luckily theres a very gud authentic one opened shortly.I tried different idlis and loved kanchipuram idli.....which made me try it at home.
Its a simple recepie and in preparation you just have to soak few things in advance.

Recipe for Kanchipuram Idli

Ingredients for the batter-

Idli Rawa(Easily available in the provision stores)- 1 cup
Urad dal-1/2 cup
Methi dana-1/4th tsp.
Curd-1/2 cup.
Chana dal-2 tbsp soaked for 3-4 hours
Pepper- 10-12 crushed lightly.
Ginger- grated a small piece
Green chillies- 2 cut very small
Cashewnut pieces- 2 tbsp
Fresh coconut grated-2tbsp
Hing- 1/4th tsp.
Salt as per taste
Turmeric- a pinch
Ghee- melted 3 tbsp
Soda- a pinch

Soak idli rawa for 8-10 hours or overnite,soak urad dal separately for 6 hours and add methi dana along with the urad dal.
Grind urad dal to a fine paste adding 1/2 cup curd in it instead of water.
Do not grind idli rawa but just remove the water from it and add it to the urad dal batter.
Keep the batter very thick.
In a bowl take the above prepared batter and add chana dal, pepper, ginger, green chillies, cashewnut, coconut,hing, ghee, soda and mix it together.

Take an idli maker and pour a spoonful of batter in each idli mould and steam it for 10-15 minutes on medium gas.

Unmould it after the said time , let it cool a little and serve it with coconut chutney of your choice.